(The Meeting is collocated with the Pacific IGF)

6-9 September 2021

*The time zone of the meeting is Singapore time (UTC+8)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Meeting will be held on a unique and innovative Virtual Event Platform (VEP) provided by a New Zealand's leading event management and technology company. Our cutting-edge virtual event home on the VEP will be accessible to registered participants only and will be kept live for 30 days after APTLD80. It will allow Members to access the Meeting schedules, breakout rooms, speaker details, presentations (live and on demand), as well as to ask questions, text and video chat with fellow attendees and speakers and even to arrange 1-1 meetings. The platform is access controlled (managed through individualized access links) and is browser based, so no need for special downloads. We hope you will enjoy a new experience!
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Day 0. Mon.
6 September
Session Venue
08:30 a.m.

Trainees Welcome


Training Session Day 1

Day 0. Tue.
7 September
Session Venue

Training Session Day 2

Marketing: Learning Market Research: Tools for knowing your customers

We think we know a lot about our customers, but it is important to verify and update our knowledge. This is where market research techniques such as surveys, focus groups and analysis of social media data come in handy. Yet which technique to use and how to best design the best research instrument require certain skills, which this training will provide. It will have two parts, first focusing on research design (which method to choose based on what one wants to understand about one’s customer) and the second - focusing on designing research instruments.
The Training is a part of the APTLD unique tailored curriculum developed in collaboration with the University of Illinois and industry practitioners.

Pacific IGF Day 1

Day 1. Wed.
8 September
Session Venue

Welcome / Networking Activity



Introductory Session

This short session is intended to set the tone for the Meeting. Needless to say, some congratulatory words are most welcome, too.

Moderator: Leonid Todorov, GM, APTLD

  • Ai-Chin Lu, APTLD Board Chair

Session 1

Partner Organizations’ Updates

A part of a vibrant regional ecosystem, APTLD has consistently developed working relations with numerous peers, and we expect them to share their major developments and plans.

Moderator: Ai-Chin Lu, APTLD Board Chair

  • Anju Gull Mangal, ISOC Pacific Chapter (PICSOC)
  • Fereti Atalifo, Pacfic IGF
  • Save Vocea, ICANN
10:15-10:45 Coffee Break & Group Photo

Session 2 (together with the Pacific IGF)

Panel discussion
Internet Governance: Digital Sovereignty and ccTLDs: Is there Life after Life?

As an acclaimed researcher puts it, We can either have sovereignty or harmony, not both - we can either have sovereignty or universal acceptance, not both - we can either have sovereignty or humanity, not both. So, the panel is expected to render its judgment on today’s most challenging IG issue as seen by ccTLD - in the search of harmony, humanity, and universal acceptance, as we understand it : ), of course.

Moderator: Anil Kumar Jain, NIXI

  • Rashid Ismailov, Russia’s Nominee for SG ITU
11:45-12:45 Lunch break

Session 3A

While a search returns a number of bizarre definitions for RDAP, Members are getting used to the new protocol – only there is always a room for improvement and best practice sharing.

Moderator: Yudho Giri Sucahyo, PANDI
  • M.Shidiq Purnama, PANDI

Session 3B

Technical/Security: Thinking Big: Big Data to Mitigate DNS Abuse

Moderator: Jeff Bedser, IThreat
13:45-14:30 Technical Break

Session 4

Members’ Updates

In the session, we traditionally have Members and APTLD Fellows’ updates on recent developments in their organizations.

Moderator: Boyoung Kim, KISA

  • Bruce Tonkin, auDA
  • Alexsandr Samoylenko, Asiainfo (.KG Registry)
14:15-14:30 Wrap-up of the day and housekeeping notices
Day 2. Thu.
9 September
Session Venue

Session 5 (together with the Pacific IGF)

Administrative/Technical: Shared Resources and Infrastructures: Win-Win Solutions for the Region

Do you know that, “The more you share, the more you receive to share?”. At least , this is what a famous NGO activist reckons, and her words seem to hold true, so let’s discuss, together with the local community of Oceania, what we can do for a better, safer and more robust Internet for Asia Pacific and its subregions.

Moderator: Shi Young Chang, KISA


Session 6A

Marketing: How to Improve Domain New Registration and Renewal Rate

  • Shubham Saran, NIXI

Session 6B (together with the Pacific IGF)

Administrative: Capacity Building Initiatives: Who, Where, How
APTLD has been involved in quite a number of capacity building projects for its Members and, at times, even a broader community. In the session, we are happy to join PAC IGF to share discuss our findings and takeaways to better serve the regional community.

Moderator: Brent Carey, InternetNZ
11:00-11:30 Coffee break -

Session 7A

Marketing: Registrants, Domainers, Cybersquatters. Building a Civilized Secondary Market for Domains in Asia Pacific

  • Anil Kumar Jain, NIXI

Session 7B

Technical: My DNS, My Rules: Local Solutions for the Global Vehicle

12:30-13:15 Lunch break

Session 8A

Security: Before the Levee Breaks: Business Continuity, Privacy and Security Risk Management - Lessons from the Pandemic


  • Anlei Hu, CNNIC

Session 8B

Technical: Blockchain in DNS

  • Ann Ibrahim, InternetNZ
  • Kurt Pritz, .ART

Concluding Session



Board Meeting

In partnership with PIC ISOC

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